Murder Hornet, We Hardly Knew Ye

Murder Hornet, We Hardly Knew Ye

With everything 2020 brought, I feel the murder hornets were a plot thread that could have been pretty interesting. Unfortunately, the poor, little beasties were relegated to less than a footnote in history. Ah, the importance of having a good agent.

What a year we just had. As you can see from the date of my last post, things did not go as planned. A continuing pandemic, politically charged unrest, riots, the afore-mentioned murder hornets…it is like we are seeing the beginnings of that dystopian future we have heard so much about. Like many, or, more likely, most of you, my wife and I spent time in quarantine. We have seen family and friends deal with Covid-19, most with good results, although we had to say goodbye to a few. We have lost friends to sicknesses other than the virus, but were unable to pay our final respects except through social media. Our hearts were with the families even when our bodies were unable to be there.

December 31st brought the year to an end for us, personally, with the death of my father. A series of strokes took him from us just hours before the start of the new year. We are finding peace in the stories, the sayings, and the memories he left behind. If he knew we had found a reason to laugh buried somewhere beneath our pain, he would be happy. We have, Dad, many times over.

With the majority of January already behind us, we have no choice but to look to the future. We have set new goals, the main one being, to take life one day at a time. Within that one day, we hope to cram as much living as we possibly can. It is also our hope throughout this new year to jot down more than we did in 2020.

Our belated new year wish to you is this; be strong, we are all in this together. Regardless of color, religion, gender, or political view, we are all a part of the human family. If we are going to make it through this thing called life, we are going to have to work together. The only alternative is to join the ranks of the murder hornets.

Just thought I would jot this down.

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