Lengths Of The Journey To A Good Story

Lengths Of The Journey To A Good Story

Lengths Of The Journey To A Good Story

The lengths to which a writer will go to complete a story is truly a mystery. Just like real people, no two writers are the same, and for that reason, the journey to the story’s end will always be different. Even if two people follow the same “template”, there will be slight variations in how they follow it. Some might follow the template, starting their writing in the morning while others might do their writing in the evening. Or, perhaps, the wee hours of the morning are a writer’s most creative time. The differences may not even concern their writing time at all.

Perhaps the lengths one will go for a good story is in their research. I may have mentioned before how I love the research part of the process. For some, a little research is all that is needed to give their story that something special. Other writers put in enough research to become veritable experts on a subject. It all depends on how much you need—or think you need—to get the story you are looking for. Even then, the methods of research vary as well. Books, old magazines, internet, even stories handed down for generations, the sources of information are endless (or close to it.)

But these aren’t the only lengths a writer will go to for the sake of their story. Some are fortunate enough to travel, not only for research, but to get a feel for the places they are writing about. They like to see, hear, smell, touch, or even taste their location and all it has to offer, and you can see it in their story. While not everyone can make such journeys, there are still ways writers can immerse themselves in a different culture.

One writer, in particular, is working on a novel set primarily in Germany. His original intent was to pepper the story with German words that might not translate well into English, or that a specific character might not know. After being advised—and discovering for himself—that a popular online language translator is not accurate, he has begun taking German lessons for himself. (We will have to see how this plays out.)

As you can see, some people will go to any length to complete a story. Whenever you read a novel or a short story, try to remember what you hold in your hand is much more than just words on a page. It is part of someone’s journey, a journey you are invited to take at the author’s request. Enjoy the ride.

Just thought I would jot this down.

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