New Year, New Plans, New Hope

New Year, New Plans, New Hope

New Year, New Plans, New Hope

As I write this, Kiritimati—an atoll sometimes known as Christmas Island—is already several hours into the second day of the new year, while Baker Island—an atoll that is a U. S. territory—is less than five hours into the new year. The distance between the two is approximately 2904 miles (4673 kms,) but because of the time zones between the two, it represents the circumference of the Earth.

One Earth. A single world. Our world. Each new year, we are given the opportunity to start on a new path—not only as individuals, but as the inhabitants of this world. If the majority of the world can set aside their differences to celebrate the beginning of a new year, why can’t we choose to make the path before us a path of peace? Unity is such a beautiful word.

I had originally planned to have my New Year’s offering written and ready to post at midnight, but things did not go as I had intended. I had hoped to speak of my personal hopes for my own life—my new year’s resolution, if you will—but the delay gave me the opportunity to step outside myself, to consider the bigger picture.

Let me, then, take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a New Year filled with peace, joy, hope, reflection, love, and the culmination of all of these things, unity.

Just thought I would jot this down.

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