Paper or Hi-Tech Plastics and Circuit Boards

Paper or Hi-Tech Plastics and Circuit Boards

Paper or Hi-Tech Plastics and Circuit Boards

I have always been a die-hard book lover. Nothing beats the feel of a crisp new page between your fingers, or the smell of ink and paper—whether the book be old or new. I have no intention of devouring the written word in any other way.

Never say never.

First, I discovered fan fiction and began reading stories about characters I grew up with on the computer. I didn’t see any harm in that. The next thing I knew, I was writing fan fiction and posting it online. There was nothing wrong with that. I was still a purist; actual books were still my first love. (You know there is a problem when you start referring to something as “my first love.”)

While beginning the research process for a novel I am working on, I discovered that many of the reference books I needed weren’t available. Well, at least they weren’t available on my budget. Then, I discovered online books. Before you think I am a complete idiot (I’ll give you plenty of reasons to think that later,) I have known such things existed for quite a while—I just never intended to get involved with the unnatural things.

It was quite by chance that I discovered that a large number of the books I needed were available in a digital format. All I needed was a way to read them and, what do you know, there was an app available. Fast forward a few months and now I have over three hundred digital books, not all of them for research. It’s true that I still have a strong passion for books, but I’ve decided that the digital age isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Modernization isn’t always a bad thing and, sometimes, it has its uses. When it comes to books, as long as I can read them I’ll be happy. Just don’t expect me to be giving up my pen and paper so fast when it comes to writing them.

Just thought I would jot this down.

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