Michelle Was Here!

Michelle Was Here!

Michelle Was Here!

I’ve got a little notepad in which I jot down ideas for my blog. While traveling back home from Glady, I was adding the ideas for the past couple posts when my sister grabbed the notepad from my hand and wrote “Michelle was here!” My first thought was to shove her out of the van seat since she was sitting on the end, but I didn’t. I decided to leave it and see if it sparked any ideas.

Several times throughout the rest of the trip, I would open my notepad and stare at what she had written. I realized that sometimes things pop up that are beyond our control. My sister is one of those things. She was my first best friend so I tend to tolerate her most of the time. (I will pay for that.)

When writing, no matter how well we plan, there is always a possibility that the unexpected will interfere in your best laid plans. The question is…what will you do when it happens?

One option is to rip that page out of your notepad. Step back until you are once again on familiar ground and can pick up where you intended. The second option is to study this unexpected turn of events and see where you can go from here. If it opens your eyes to a path in your story that you might have otherwise missed, then pursue it. If you see nothing useful that can come from this examination, then ignore it and follow your story line from where you believe it got off track.

Remember, there are always other options than pushing your sister off the seat.

Just thought I would jot this down.

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