Adventurer’s Gear (Carrying Your Supplies)

Adventurer’s Gear (Carrying Your Supplies)

Adventurer’s Gear

An adventurer’s gear often determines whether he or she will live or die in the course of their exploits. If they are not properly prepared for climate, terrain, or certain obstacles that could arise, things won’t end well. No one heads into the mountains without warm clothing, proper footwear, portable shelter, or climbing gear. The same goes for the desert; light clothing, water, food, and shelter are a necessity. Whether you are skiing, hunting, scuba diving, or even crocheting, you have to have the proper gear. Like a good Scout, you must always be prepared. A good fire-starter is important wherever you go. Wherever you go, consider everything that could possibly occur and pack accordingly; then consider the impossible and prepare for that as well.

In my younger years, I enjoyed playing role playing games—Dungeon & Dragons, in particular—and I loved my gear. I tried to plan ahead for anything the DM might throw against us. (If our characters survived an encounter, I tried to learn from our mistakes.) During one adventure, we encountered an invisible foe. When the opportunity arose, I rummaged through my backpack and came up with a small bag of flour. Throw a bag of flour down and the end result is everything in the area is covered…even an invisible foe. From that point on, I wasn’t the only one carrying extra flour.

So, you know the activity you are going to participate in and have purchased your gear. The next thing you need to decide is how you are going to carry it all. There are a variety of bags, chests, totes, baskets, pouches, and the ever-ready backpack. (In Dungeons & Dragons, backpacks and pouches were the way to go.) The key is to make certain everything fits. It is even more important to know where everything is in case of an emergency.

Not every writer writes at home or in his or her office. Sometimes we write while we travel…especially if writing is not our full-time occupation. I once had a bad case of the nerves on a flight and ended up writing most of the flight. If you do write when you are away from home, how do you transport your writing gear?

What I carry and how long I am going to be gone determines the bag I take. On the days I go to my not-so-fun job, I usually spend my lunch time writing. If I have a 30 minute lunch, I will usually grab my small Augur Canvas Vintage Shoulder Messenger Bag. It will hold several small notebooks, a novel or novel-sized reference book or two, pens, pencils, portable charger, and snacks. If lunch is going to last longer than 30 minutes, then the Rothco Vintage Canvas Paratrooper Bag is my choice. In addition to everything the Augur carries, my Rothco has a spot pocket for my laptop and a few magazine-sized books. In addition, I have a few backpacks to choose from should the mood hit me.

If my travels take me away for more than a day, then both the Augur and the Rothco go. In addition to my laptop, I carry enough small notebooks so I can work on whatever suits my fancy. I also have whatever reference material I might need. I may forget deodorant or socks, but you can bet I have my writing gear.

Whatever you choose to carry your adventurer’s gear in, make sure it can handle the load. No one wants the day ruined simply because your pack couldn’t bear the weight. I try to check straps, zippers, buttons, claps, and seams routinely just to be on the safe side.

Just thought I would jot this down.

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