Memorial Day: Remembering The Fallen

Memorial Day: Remembering The Fallen

Memorial Day: Remembering The Fallen

Picnics. Fireworks. A paid day off of work. These are a few of the things most people think of when Memorial Day rolls around. To some, it is a day to gather together with friends and family to kick off the summer activities.

There are still those, however, who remember the reason behind this solemn day. It is a day of wreaths and flags placed on headstones and crosses, and of memories. It is the day set aside to remember those men and women in uniform who gave their lives, not only in the defense of our country, but in the defense of freedom itself. Memorial Day is not dedicated to any single war or generation, but to all those who served this nation and have left her in the safe hands of those who came afterwards. The patriot knows the price of freedom is always paid in blood.

While there is nothing wrong with taking the opportunity today to show your gratitude to those who have worn, or still wear, the uniform of the American military, there are those who deserve your gratitude. Today is the day we say “thank you” to those left behind, to the mothers and fathers, wives, husbands, and children, brothers and sisters. As much as freedom is bought with blood, it is also paid for with tears.

This Memorial Day, we want to honor the lives of those who have worn the uniform and been called to go over the top one final time. We also want to take the opportunity to offer our heart-felt thanks to those who were (and still are) left to carry on despite the loss. May God bless.

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