Bobbing For Lobsters

Bobbing For Lobsters

Bobbing For Lobsters

An odd thought, to be sure, but bobbing for lobsters is the one that popped into my head. Since it isn’t something on my bucket list, I hesitate to say that partaking of this activity tempts me. I am mildly curious about which would cause the greater discomfort; the pinching claws or the boiling water.

When placing adversity in the path of your character, you have to consider the ramifications. Will your character be dealing with them for just this scene, the chapter, the book, or the entire series? If your answer is for just a scene, then ask yourself if it is a necessary scene. Reexamine the scene and see if the effects of the hardship can have longer lasting consequences. If so, consider keeping the scene; if the answer is still no, consider changing the challenge.

I have never been a fan of wasted scenes. If the character isn’t affected—either positively or negatively—then why waste his (or the reader’s) time? Even if the scene is for nothing more than comic relief, it, at least, has a purpose. And if it has a purpose, revisit the results at least one more time during your story.

So, let’s get back to bobbing for lobsters. The greater (and more dangerous) discomfort is, of course, the boiling water. The pinch might scar you for life (or until you can afford plastic surgery,) but the boiling water is worse. Your facial skin will suffer swelling, blistering, and severe pain. In addition, there is a high risk of damage to your eyes, ears, mouth, and even throat. There is also that whole death scenario that could occur—talk about long lasting ramifications.

If, after reading this, you are thinking about a lobster dinner, visit a seafood restaurant. It might not be as exciting as lobster bobbing, but it is a bit safer. Regardless, always remember the ramifications; at the least, they should make things interesting.

Just thought I would jot this down.

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