I know when my wife is considering getting her hair cut when she begins showing me pictures of hairstyles. Our usual routine is for her to bring up the pictures on her phone, I will offer my suggestions and opinions, then she makes her decision. For the most part, the hairstyles she shows me are attractive, but there is one particular style that I absolutely detest. As far as I am concerned, it is the most unflattering hairstyles I have ever seen. Guess which hairstyle my wife decided to show me this time. After I voiced my opinion, she opted to find a different look. She also suggested that I not describe the offending hairstyle; I am taking her advice. (Now, you are going to wonder which hairstyle I am talking about. Shame on me.)

So, how does a post about my wife’s choice of hairstyles affect the ever incredible world of the Downjotter and his wonderful readers? It all comes down to appearance. Not every hairstyle is for every person, and not every character is for every story.

If your characters don’t “look” like they belong in your story, then your readers won’t accept them as real. No one will accept a New York lawyer in 3-piece suit in the middle of a space opera unless he has a very logical reason for being there. Just remember, any logical reason you can justify in an articulate and well-written manner is likely to be accepted. Whether you are writing fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, horror, romance, or even comedy, if your characters don’t compliment your story in some way, perhaps you should rethink your characters.

(And, no, I am still not going to tell you which hairstyle it is that I don’t like.)

Just thought I would jot this down.

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